Land Management

Cranmer Engineering, Inc. provides studies, planning, design, and construction management services to public and private clients. The firm's capabilities include the full range of professional engineering services required to develop a project from concept to completion by providing economic and feasibility studies, surveys and investigations, design and construction documents, and construction management services.

The professional engineering disciplines in which the firm has staff capabilities and experience are the following:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Cranmer Engineering is staffed with highly skilled engineers, technicians and support personnel, fully qualified to perform all phases of project development.

Water Supply Systems

CEI has the experience and capability to provide complete detailed engineering design for water supply systems including water transportation, storage, treatment and distribution. Facilities and systems within the scope of the firm's capabilities include dams, reservoirs, tanks, canals, diversion and intake structures, well drilling and equipping, pumping stations, transmission pipelines, treatment plants, distributions systems, irrigation systems, and telemetry and control systems. Additional services include water resources studies and water development planning.

Wastewater and Industrial Waste Systems

CEI offers in-depth experience and competence in the engineering and design of complex systems and facilities to transport and treat liquid wastes from a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial sources. Typical projects include master sewer system plans and studies, sewage collection systems, interceptor sewers, sanitary sewage and industrial waste treatment, sewage lift stations, and disposal facilities. CEI has the experience to fully process wastewater projects through levels of Federal, State, and local governments as required to obtain project approvals and financial assistance.

Drainage and Flood

CEI offers complete services in the prediction and management of storm water runoff. These services include the preparation of master drainage plans, flood plain studies, hydraulic computer modeling, and the engineering and design of drainage structures, flood control channels, retention basins, and storm drainage pump stations. CEI has prepared comprehensive master drainage plans for local governments, outlining required facilities and specifying financing methods for their timely implementation.

Roads, Highways, and Bridges

CEI provides comprehensive planning and design services for roads, highways and bridges and performs traffic demand analysis and alternative route studies. Services also include the engineering and design of pavement sections, grade separation structures, bridges, interchanges, earthwork balancing, retaining walls, drainage, safety features, signing, and lighting. Additional highway engineering services include right-of-way engineering and acquisition, parking facility design.

Commercial and Industrial Development

CEI offers complete engineering services for the design of commercial and industrial site improvements including sitting of buildings, area grading, drainage, sewage collection, water distribution, fuel gas distribution, electrical power and telephone distribution and parking facilities. In addition, CEI provides structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services for the design of buildings, structures, and building systems

Mining Facilities

CEI provides engineering services for mining, ore processing, reclamation and related mineral development. Services include the layout of mine facilities and the engineering design of area grading, drainage, access roads, structures, utilities, material handling systems, and surface reclamation.

Recreational Facilities

CEI offers design and engineering services for development of recreational facilities including parks, campgrounds, ski areas, swimming pools, golf courses and tennis courts. Services include the complete design of site improvements, including grading, drainage and utilities, and the design of buildings and structures.

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