Civil engineering & analytical laboratory services

Land Planning

Cranmer Engineering, Inc. provides comprehensive planning services to both public and private clients through a multi-discipline team approach. The team includes planners, engineers, environmental scientists, and consulting landscape architects who collectively apply their specialized knowledge and creative talents in a systematic approach to planning. The result is a planning solution that is technically sound, environmentally acceptable, economically feasible, and aesthetically pleasing.

Within the scope of the planning services provided by Cranmer Engineering are the following:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Conceptual Development
  • Site Planning
  • Environmental Planning
  • Municipal Facility Planning
  • Community Improvement Planning
  • Public Utilities Planning
  • Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Planning
  • Financial and Economic Planning
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Demographic Studies
  • Agency Grants and Loans

Cranmer Engineering, Inc offers complete, integrated planning services beginning with conceptual planning and economic feasibility studies through final environmental and regulatory approvals. In addition to the technical functions CEI provides the expertise and public liaison required to fully process projects through levels of Federal, State, and local government agencies.

Residential Developments
CEI provides planning services for the development of single family housing subdivisions, condominium complexes, and apartment complexes. Services include economic studies for optimum land use, the preparation of tentative maps, and final tract mapping. Major residential planning projects include the integration of commercial, recreational, and educational facilities within the development.

Commercial Centers
CEI offers planning services for the development of commercial centers including offices, retail shops, financial institutions, food service outlets, and entertainment faculties. The comprehensive planning services provided include location studies, site layout, transportation and traffic planning, environmental planning, and utility system planning.

Industrial Parks
CEI provides integrated planning services for the development of industrial parks for research, light manufacturing or heavy industry. The planning services include studies of the potential environmental impact including traffic, noise, air and water pollution, and aesthetic considerations. Site planning studies are prepared to develop optimum land use for the industrial park.

Educational Facilities
CEI provides comprehensive planning services to School Districts and Boards for the development and expansion of educational facilities. Planning services include demographic studies, enrollment projections, site location studies, site development planning, utility planning, transportation planning, traffic studies, and environmental planning.

Utility Systems and Facilities
CEI planning services for the development of utility systems and facilities include demand analysis, growth projections, economic feasibility studies, system layout planning and right-of-wa acquisition planning. Planning services for utility systems include water, sewage, electricity, gas, and communications.

Recreational Facilities
CEI offers planning services for recreational facilities development including needs studies, economic projections, site location studies, site planning, and facilities planning. Facilities within the scope of the firm’s capabilities include parks, athletic fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses, campgrounds, and ski areas.